Hurricane Irma has devastated Anguilla; virtually all structures have sustained severe damage, and electricity is not expected to be restored for many months. Many people have no houses to return to, no roof or windows, and many are without jobs.

While Government Disaster Management aid operations are in place and moving forward, the reality is that our grassroot campaign can move much quicker to mobilize relief at this initial stage. We are sanctioned by Disaster Management, the Government of Anguilla, and are collaborating with other NGOs.

Our Amazon Wish List launched on September 12 and two days later shipments started arriving in our donated warehouse in Puerto Rico. Within days, donated planes started flying donated supplies to Anguilla, where they have already been distributed to people in need. Please visit our Facebook page below for a “live feed” or our campaign, pictures and videos.

With hurricane Maria devastating several of Anguilla’s sister islands, we have moved our operation out of Puerto Rico as to not hinder urgent relief efforts required there. Past Amazon Wish List purchases are safe and are being delivered with some slow-downs. We’re working on how our resources can help Puerto Rico and are pleased to report that we’ve already setup other groups with our model of fundraising, learning lessons and contacts to provide relief to other islands.

-> UPDATE OCTOBER 3: With many shipping channels into Anguilla restored again, we’ve removed the Amazon Wish List from our site permanently. Our partner organization’s GoFundMe campaign will remain, which turns your donations into locally sourced water, food and hardware store purchases in Anguilla, within just a few hours (without waiting for the campaign to be fully funded.

This whole campaign exists because people like YOU from all over the World are coming together, engaging their communities, joining forces to change the lives for the people of Anguilla. Thank you for being part of the team!

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While it’s going to take a lot more to ensure the people of Anguilla are fed, sheltered and have jobs back, we believe this grass roots effort is a great way to start, and bridge the gap between urgent needs today and official Disaster Relief actions.

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THANK YOU for helping us bring immediate relief to those most in need!